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B-600 Phase 2

Demolition of a 10-story, 227,000 SF structure located in the heart of downtown Bellevue.

The project was positioned just 15’ away from an 80’ deep excavation where crews were actively working. The project required the development of an engineered demo plan that detailed the sequenced steps to be followed to prevent unplanned collapse; perimeter scaffolding was initially installed and enclosed with fabric and plywood to allow the top eight floors nearest the excavation to be removed through the use of robotic equipment; the generated debris was pushed down the elevator shaft for load-out and removal from the site; once the structure was a safe distance away from the active work zone, the remaining structure was removed with high-reach excavators with a debris screen being held near the working impact zones with a mobile crane.


Equipment Used: Hitachi 850 w/155’ High-Reach Boom, Volvo 380 w/70’ High-Reach Boom,  Volvo 350, Brokk 170-300's, Bobcat Skid-steers, Mini-Excavator.


Statistics: 16,444 tons of material were recycled resulting in 93% of all debris being diverted from landfill.


General Contractor: Sellen Construction

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