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We have demolished more structures in Washington state than any other contractor.


We specialize in selective and complete demolition for various sectors, including commercial, residential, education, military, transportation, and industrial facilities. Our demolitions range from small houses to high-rise buildings, single-story strip malls, to nuclear reactors. 


Abatement and demolition often go hand-in-hand.


Since the ban of asbestos in new construction, we have pioneered the asbestos and hazardous materials abatement sector. We have experience in lead, asbestos, PCBs, radiological contamination, petroleum, and universal waste. 

Selective Demolition 

Our team of experts specializes in executing precise select demolitions related to tenant improvements, retrofits, and in cases where historical significance must be preserved.


Our well-trained team uses cutting-edge equipment and select demolition expertise to help clients diligently and safely make way for improvements while preserving the original and unique character of their facilities.

Landfill & Recycling 

We are committed to the full demolition lifecycle, from abatement and deconstruction to recycling and proper disposal.


Since 2000, we have invested in post-demolition services and operate the Waller Road Inert Landfill & Recycling Center, which specializes in sorting demolished materials for recycling, including concrete, and metal. We also use mobile crushing and screening equipment for off-site recycling services

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