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Safety is our top priority in everything we do,
for everyone, on every jobsite, every single day.



Demolition is often the most dangerous work that occurs on a construction site. Our clients put their faith in us that we will clear their site using the utmost care for our crews, the surrounding public, and the communities in which we work. This all starts with a plan. For each project, our engineers develop a sequenced plan to safely remove the structures. Through this work, we detail the precise order of operations to bring a structure down safely.
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Site Safety 

During site evaluation, we assess the surrounding environment for potential hazards. When necessary, we arrange closures of roadways, on-and-off-street parking, sidewalks, and sometimes adjacent buildings. Even with these closures, demolition often draws a crowd, which we factor into our safety plan. Though our plans are designed to keep debris falling safely within our project boundaries, we have a full inventory of screens and other protective equipment to further shield people and materials. 


We go above and beyond OSHA requirements. In addition to mandatory training certifications, we have daily safety briefings to discuss our demolition sequence and each day’s unique safety hazards. We create custom site-specific safety reference guides, such as maps to the nearest hospitals, emergency phone numbers, and instructions for injury-specific first aid. Our corporate safety officer conducts weekly safety meetings and makes regular visits to every project site.
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