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Building 105N & 109N

This $38 Million project included abatement of residual hazardous materials, disassembly, demolition, and construction of a safe storage enclosure for the 105-N Reactor and 109-N Heat Exchanger.

Dickson Company demolished the reactor and heat exchanger, heavy concrete shield walls, slabs, pilings, and other concrete structures as much as 80 feet tall, 27' below grade, and with walls up to 5 feet thick.

This project also required Dickson Company crews to utilize extensive radiological controls, demolish radiologically contaminated structures, and abate hazardous materials, including lead, asbestos, PCB, mercury, beryllium, etc. 

All of this work was completed months ahead of schedule while working with close Department of Energy oversight, required Integrated Safety Management Systems, and the assistance of local labor, operator, and teamster union workers.  

Statistics: Over 40,000 tons of contaminated debris was packaged and hauled to the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility (ERDF) located within the Hanford Nuclear reservation.


 Owner / Operator: Department of Energy

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